Solutions for Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies

GPS systems and telematics have been deployed for many years in this industry. The use of live data directly from the vehicles has become an essential requirement for meeting today’s challenges in the freight forwarding and logistics sector. Apart from the effective planning and scheduling of vehicles and drivers, legal requirements must also be met. For these reasons, it has become increasingly important to have all position data and travel routes on hand, along with the driving times and rest periods of the drivers. A further major factor for reducing costs is the economic planning of vehicle deployment. Telematics hardware and interfaces in the truck provide a large variety of information, such as fuel consumption and driving behavior, for example. It is only possible to initiate suitable measures (e. g. driver instruction) to reduce operational costs and wear on the equipment if suitable data is available for analysis.

Throughout the sector, the use of telematics systems has become an important tool for lasting process improvement and cost reduction.