Solution for the public transport

The public transportation will continue to grow in the next few years.

Current trends like the protection of the climate, progressive urbanization and an increasing demand of the integrated mobility concept will put the traffic operation before new challenges in the future. The change to alternative drive concepts like electric vehicles requires a change in thinking. The restructuring applies vehicle planning, vehicle provision and the development of service concepts which must be managed.

The main tasks include:

Safe operation and continuous expansion of the route network with a dense network of stops, punctuality, cleanliness, and a comprehensive range of information for passengers.

Refuelling and Preconditioning (for electric vehicles) for the buses, vehicle cleaning, maintenance service of the vehicles on a regular basis, visual inspection for technical defects, checking of error messages in the cockpit, manual management of service and maintenance intervals (TÜV, 57B, workshop appointments, safety inspections, etc.).

with inclusion of the different drive technologies, efficient vehicle scheduling of electric buses with consideration of the maximum range, planning of charging management with monitoring of charging times, available charging capacities and cost optimisation.

Collection and preparation of the monthly report "Minimaldatenset" with extensive technical operating data and operating conditions of the vehicles for the funding body (federal government), data collection from different data sources, high personnel effort, and manual processes.

Considerable proportion of minor damage in urban traffic, very often unclear facts, difficult evidence (proof of actual speed or stationary vehicle, heavy braking, or acceleration)

Having regard to the legal archiving period, it is a high expenditure for the driver and the administration.

at least two times per year required by law

(Fuel consumption, wear and tear, service life, etc.)

SINOS helps you to settle these daily tasks more efficiently, faster, and safer.

Assuming you would only save 5 minutes of working time per driver per day, we are already talking about 2.5 hours per month. With an average hourly rate of a regular bus driver of 18.00 €, this results in a saving of 45.00 € per month per employee!