Lade- und Lastmanagement Software für Elektrobusse

The perfect solution for your electric bus fleet

Die SINOS Charging and load management software supports you in the technical charging monitoring of electric vehicles and offers intelligent monitoring and control functions. The charging and load management software communicates with existing charging infrastructures via the OCPP protocol. It controls and monitors all technical charging processes, e.g. B. the load distribution, voltage peaks or charging failures. An interface connection to an existing scheduling or depot management software makes it possible to automatically control operationally relevant preparations of the buses for driving. With existing schedule times, the SINOS charging and load management software ensures that the vehicles are pre-conditioned on time, including heating the passenger compartment before the start of the journey. An intelligent algorithm ensures that the batteries are charged gently and efficiently, taking into account the operating times.

Due to the additional integration of the SINOS telematics platform with live monitoring of the vehicles, real data from ongoing operations is available. Reliable forecasts can be made for the planning and deployment of the buses. The charging and load management software processes this data and can therefore carry out charging planning efficiently and with foresight. With SINOS you are always “one step ahead!

BMJ L002 KOM 32145

BMJ L002 KOM 3245
BMJ L002 KOM 3210
Features and Overview

The load and charging management dashboard shows all active processes in the charging depot. All current loading processes are displayed, e.g. B. completed charging processes or still active charging processes. The total utilization of the available charging capacity in the depot is displayed, including the load distribution to the individual charging ports. In addition, warnings of charging aborts, faults or notifications are visualized.

The following information is provided in the dashboard:

  • Overview of all active, completed or faulty loading processes
  • Display of all available charging ports including status
  • Total utilization of the loading depot including available loading capacity
  • Statistics charging analysis
  • Display of all vehicles that are currently being charged with charging status
SINOS Lademanagement Software - Das Live-Dashboard
SINOS Lademanagement Software - Depot-Ladeansicht
Depot loading view

More detailed information is displayed in the depot loading view, e.g. B. the current state of charge of the drive battery (SOC state of charge in percent) including charging progress. The view of the charging stations provides information about the charging current in KW/h, the currently possible range of the vehicles with the current SOC and the expected charging time until full charge, all at a glance. In this view, multiple loading depots can be managed and visualized. The integration of a route charging network is also possible.

The following detailed information is available:

  • Current state of charge of the vehicles (SOC) in percent
  • Range calculation in kilometers with current SOC
  • Estimated charging time to full charge
  • Current charging current per charging station in KW/h
  • Designation of the charging station and status (in operation, out of operation, charging station occupied)
  • Display of the vehicle with vehicle description (license plate; VIN or COM number)
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