Solutions for Haulage Companies

This industry is also subject to ever-increasing pressures, with rising operating costs, ever more demanding customer requirements, and declining profitability. Optimal utilization of drivers and vehicles is an extremely important factor in remaining competitive. Compliance with legal requirements, such as driving and rest periods for drivers, as well as legal requirements for archiving and evaluating data from the digital tachograph, are becoming increasingly difficult. In order to meet and satisfy these challenges, the use of telematics solutions is becoming increasingly important.

Your Advantages with SINOS

  • GPS tracking in real time via the SINOS web portal
  • Quick access to every vehicle, including current position and route
  • Evaluation and analysis of driving times and rest periods
  • Live data of driving times and shift hours in the portal
  • Daily remote download of digital tachograph and driver card data
  • Legally compliant archiving and analysis of data from digital tachographs


Vehicle location

More and more companies are using GPS vehicle tracking from SINOS. The advantages are obvious. Besides the biggest benefit of cost savings, points like optimal disposition of vehicles, better control and traceability, theft protection, working time control and many more follow.

Tacho Download

Switch now to TachoLive, the remote tacho download solution from SINOS - Always up to date and never read out by hand again! TachoLive supports you in reading out driver cards and digital tachometers / tachographs. Readout simply from a distance and meet legal deadlines and requirements on time.


With our EVA archiving software for the digital tachograph, we offer you a powerful archiving software with which you can archive, manage and evaluate the data of the digital tachograph (mass memory) and the EU driver cards. All legal requirements ...


As an employer, you have an obligation to the legislator to regularly check the driver's licenses of your employees who move a vehicle from the company fleet. Here you must ensure that no one moves a company vehicle ...

Trailer location

With our solution for locating trailers and containers, you always know exactly where your trailers or containers are located. Choose the right solution for you from 2 variants. On the one hand, we offer you a self-sufficient solution in which the locating unit is operated via a battery ... genau, wo your trailers or containers are located. On the one hand we offer you a autarke Lösung, bei which the locating unit is operated via a rechargeable battery, here the locating unit reliably sends 2 position messages daily for up to 2 years.

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