Digital Driving License Control

Digital Driving License Verification – Easily and Legally Secure

As an employer, you are legally obligated to check the driving licenses of all staff using vehicles in your fleet at regular intervals. The fleet manager, who is often the company owner, must ensure and guarantee that no company vehicles are driven by persons without the required driving license. According to § 21 of the German Road Traffic Act, disregarding these regulations may result in a high penalty or, in the worst case, imprisonment for up to one year. hohe Geldstrafe, im schlimmsten Fall sogar eine Freiheitsstrafe von bis zu einem Jahr laut § 21 StVG.

Meet legal requirements in an easy and legally secure manner – using SINOS digital driving license verification.

The SINOS software module for digital driving license verification helps you to meet all statutory requirements. Documents are lined to the SINOS software with the help of tamper-proof RFID tags attached to driving licenses. All relevant data is recorded, such as expiry date, driver modules, and driving license category. Checks are performed at individually configurable intervals via an RFID terminal in the office, or by means of an app. The inspection intervals are regularly reviewed by a software routine that issues an alert if an inspection is overdue. In this way, the owner of the driving license and the responsible manager will be automatically informed and can initiate remedial action. All checks are recorded digitally and can be issued as reports for legally secure documentation.

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The Solution for Increased Security
  • Single or multi-terminal version
  • Master data feed via CSV file
  • Reporting system, including inspection history, schedule and master data lists
  • Verification without personalized data transfer (data privacy protection)
  • Automatic backups

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