Solutions for Car Rentals and Dealerships

GPS tracking systems provide you with a “digital chaperone” for test drives as well as a tool for protecting high-end vehicles from theft. Quite often, prospective buyers want to take an extended test drive in the new car and sometimes demo vehicles are let or leased for longer periods. But how can we protect the vehicles against misuse or even theft? A GPS box inside the vehicle provides information about vehicle usage and location. Distances travelled and speeds can be tracked in the web portal. All of this provides valuable information about how a demo car is used. Wrongful use or misappropriation of the demo car can be quickly identified, and the driver can be held accountable. If the rented vehicle is not returned at the agreed time or even stolen, the live tracking function in the portal can be used to take all necessary steps. This also applies if the vehicle leaves a defined area (e. g. a border is crossed) in which case the system automatically issues an alert.

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