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E-bus telematics

The new SINOS E-bus telematics solution achieves maximum efficiency and planning reliability for fleet operators with electric vehicles. Due to the combination of charging and load management software with live data from the driving operation, all relevant data for successful planning, dispatching and operational control of electric buses are provided. The SINOS Dashboard shows all important data at a glance. Configurable alarms automatically inform in case of critical vehicle conditions.

As an open platform, the SINOS Cloud offers simple integration options in existing IT system landscapes. As a vehicle manufacturer-independent system, SINOS offers a total solution for different manufacturers and mixed fleets with different drive systems.

Features and Overview

Fleet View Dashboard

In the fleet view, all important data for bus operation is available "live", such as current remaining range, current power consumption and SOC (State of Charge). With the quick search, relevant data can be displayed with a "click". Filter settings and individual presets help to detect critical vehicle conditions immediately.

  • Remaining range in kilometers
  • Current power consumption in kilowatts (KWh)
  • Current SOC (State of Charge)
  • current GPS position with speed
  • Display on Google Maps and Google Earth map material
  • Google traffic "live" display
SINOS E-Bus Telematik - Flottenansicht
SINOS E-Bus Telematik - Fahrzeug Detailansicht

Vehicle detail

Detailed information on remaining range, power consumption and SOC (State of Charge) can be selected currently and historically over adjustable time periods via the calendar module. An additional display of extended electric vehicle data via vehicle statistics is integrated, with individually adjustable time periods for diagnostics.

  • Remaining range in kilometers
  • current speedometer reading
  • Current power consumption in kilowatts
  • Average power consumption in kilowatts
  • Available battery capacity
  • Interior temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Battery temperature

SOC Daily and weekly report

Detailed daily and weekly chart of SOC history incl. ignition events (ignition on/ignition off), exact SOC consumption curve to visualize battery usage and unused battery resources.

  • SOC Weekly view
  • SOC Day view
  • Integrated ignition events (ignition on/ ignition off)
SINOS E-Bus Telematik - SOC Tages- und Wochenansicht

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