Trailer and container location

With Sinos you know where your trailers are at all times

With our solution for locating trailers and containers, you always know exactly where your trailers or containers are located. Choose the right solution for you from 2 variants. On the one hand, we offer you a self-sufficient solution in which the locating unit is operated via a battery ... genau, wo sich Ihre Auflieger oder Container befinden. Wählen Sie aus 2 Varianten die für Sie passende Lösung. Zum einen bieten wir Ihnen eine autarke Lösung, bei which the tracking unit is operated via a rechargeable battery, here the tracking unit reliably sends 2 position messages daily for up to 2 years to transmit the exact location. Alternatively, you can get a tracking unit with connection to the on-board power supply of the trailer, with this variant you can also see the exact track of the trailer as soon as it is connected to a tractor and moved. Furthermore, you can use our geozone module to evaluate when a trailer reached a certain position, how long it was there and when it was picked up again. If you have any questions about our trailer and container tracking, or would like to know what is the best option for you, please call us at +49 (0) 941 - 29 86 19 0, we will be happy to advise you.

Gesamtübersicht Sinos Fahrzeugortung
View the location at any time
  • Optional battery powered variant
  • or variant for connection to the trailer
  • Battery version with up to 2 years runtime at 2 position reports per day
  • IP67 certified
  • Geofencing and events with permanently connected variant
  • Reports and evaluations
  • u.v.m.

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