Solutions for Service Providers

The most important factors for successful customer service are the effective scheduling and timely execution of service provision. Today, the ability to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements while keeping travel costs at a minimum often seems an almost impossible task.

These challenges can only be met with the help of suitable tools, such as, for example, a GPS tracking system. Real-time access to the SINOS web portal enables you to immediately identify the location and operational status of all company vehicles. With the information provided by the SINOS tracking system, customer orders can be managed efficiently and executed punctually.

Furthermore, the system provides a large variety of information for detailed analysis, such as driving times and rest periods, as well as the actual working hours spent at the customer’s site. The reporting function provides you with tamper-proof documentation, so that you have substantiated evidence on hand in case uncertainties arise or if requested by a contractor. Our system will assist you in the timely execution of service orders to increase customer satisfaction and the motivation of your employees.