Die De-minimis Förderperiode 2022 beginnt am 7. Januar.

In order to support companies in the road haulage sector with digitalization, the Federal Office for Goods Transport BAG promotes defined measures, such as telematics solutions from SINOS. For each commercial vehicle that meets the eligibility criteria, up to 2,000 euros per vehicle and up to a maximum of 33,000 euros per company can be claimed. The maximum subsidy is 80% of the actual costs, of the selected subsidy measures. Secure the funding premium now, as the de minimis budget is not available indefinitely. The application period starts on 07 January 2022 and ends on 30 September 2022. 2.000 Euro pro Fahrzeug und bis zu maximal 33.000 Euro pro Unternehmen in Anspruch genommen werden. Die maximale Förderung beträgt 80 % der tatsächlichen Kosten, der gewählten Fördermaßnahmen. Sichern Sie sich jetzt die Förderprämie, da das De-minimis Budget nicht unbegrenzt zur Verfügung steht. Die Antragsfrist startet am 07. Januar 2022 und endet am 30. September 2022.

If you wish, SINOS can handle all “paperwork” for you, from filling in the registration forms, creating a suitable appropriation list including all required supporting documents, and submitting the final application for payment. Just lean back and let us take care of it.

Give us a call at 0941 – 298 619 0 and get information about your options.