Solutions for Bus Companies

As a bus company, you use regular service buses and coaches for public and private passenger transport. Every day you are confronted with a large number of complex administrative tasks and requirements that cost your company time and money.

Haven't you often wondered how to simplify the high amount of manual record keeping and manual entry of billing-related data?

SINOS helps you to perform these daily tasks more efficiently, faster and safer.

Suppose you employ 20 bus drivers. With just 10 minutes of daily working time savings per driver, we are already talking about 5 hours per employee per month. With an average hourly rate of around €18.00 for a bus driver, this results in a Savings of €1,800 per month! The acquisition costs of SINOS have thus been amortized within a very short time.

Recurring tasks need to be managed, such as the ....

The data required is only available from the driver's manual logbooks (prone to errors, difficult to read, incorrect entries, delivery not on time), high personnel expenditure for drivers and administration for the preparation of the accounting with the authorities

Allocation of the VAT portion of the routes driven country-specifically with recording of kilometers driven abroad, border crossings, travel times (based on individual countries), required data must be entered manually by Drivers are recorded in a logbook, high personnel costs for drivers and administration for the preparation of the settlement with the authorities

Processing of customer complaints in regular and works bus transport

(without recording the digital speedometer) by the driver, high manual effort for driver and administration, low control function

Having regard to the legal archiving period, it is a high expenditure for the driver and the administration.

at least two times per year required by law

(Fuel consumption, wear, downtime, etc.)

Visual inspection for technical defects, checking for error messages in the cockpit, manual management of Service and maintenance intervals (TÜV, 57B, workshop appointments, safety checks, etc.)