Solutions for Building Companies

Je größer der Fuhrpark, Maschinenpark und Mitarbeiterstamm ist, desto schwieriger wird es die Übersicht zu behalten. Sehr häufig stellen sich Fragen wie „Wo ist mein Radlader?“ „Wie lange waren meine Mitarbeiter auf der Baustelle?“ „Wo befindet sich mein LKW gerade?“ „Wurden die Maschinen effektiv eingesetzt?“

Developed as a manufacturer-independent GPS system for the tough conditions on construction sites, SINOS offers a reliable solution in all these situations. You quickly gain an immediate overview of all sites and locations where your construction machinery and vehicles are in use. This enables you to respond to new demands at short notice. Furthermore, all machines can be protected against unauthorized use and theft. A virtual fence (geofencing) immediately issues an alert when a machine is removed inadvertently from the construction site inadvertently or is stolen.

With the help of additional switching contacts, the machines can be used to collect important business data, such as engine and hydraulics data or the actual working hours. SINOS increases the capacity utilization and efficiency of your machine pool and provides you with individual analyses as required.