Mobile Workflow Management

Transmit your job orders directly to the cockpit. Our mobile workflow management system turns your vehicles into mobile offices. Job orders are processed more quickly and efficiently, and mistakes caused by manual data entry are avoided. Work processes are optimized and response times for short-notice job orders are considerably reduced. Implementing a consistent, digital workflow management system will enhance customer satisfaction, improve profitability, and increase the motivation of your staff. One important factor is the integration of existing IT structures into the telematics solution. For instance, customer-owned ERP programs or scheduling software can be integrated to facilitate the real-time transfer of information. This improves transparency in order fulfillment and immediately identifies weak points. The SINOS mobile workflow management system from SINOS will save you a lot of phone calls and time. You will simplify your day-to-day operations and provide additional resources for your staff.

Use the mobile message management to send messages directly to the cockpit. This feature of the mobile order management module enables quick and safe communication between office and vehicle. Communication with the driver remains as important a factor as ever. The SINOS portal lets you send messages to your vehicles in an easy and safe manner. The SINOS mobile message management system is a prompt and secure communication channel for staying in touch with your drivers.

Order Entry

Order registration and transmission either via the SINOS web portal or by using the web interfaces of customer-owned ERP programs

Status Messages

Automatic status messages in real-time, e. g. job order read, job order started, arrival at destination, job order completed.

Live Feedback

Feedback information on work equipment (material consumption, loads, activities)

Address Transfer

Automatic address transfer into the vehicle’s navigation system at the start of a job order


Interface with push function, information is transmitted in real-time


Direct communication between office and vehicle – safe, quick and easy.

Order Entry

Use the web portal to enter the job orders for your vehicles and track their current status. Entered addresses are transferred directly to the navigation system in the form of geographic coordinates (at the start of each job). Naturally, the individual job orders can also be transmitted from your individual scheduling program to the Garmin display via an interface.

  • Direct entry of job orders in the web portal
  • Automatic address transfer to the navigation system
  • Order transfer directly from the relevant scheduling program

Job Order Transfer / Status Information

Select a job order and tap the “Start” button to start navigation immediately. In the web portal, the job order will be marked in green, and the expected time of arrival will be indicated. (The Garmin units calculates the trip duration, factoring in all current traffic jam information, and then transmits it to our web portal.) After arrival at the destination, the job order can be finished and will then be marked in blue as completed.

  • Display of the expected time of arrival
  • Live transmission of job order data to the vehicle

Message Management

The message management system provides you with an overview of all incoming and outgoing messages. You can communicate quickly and safely with all mobile units and will receive a read receipt after transmission. When working away from your office, you can forward calls to your smartphone to stay in contact all the time. You can use the portal to send standard messages or, in urgent cases, instant messages, which will then overlay all other active applications. Drivers must actively respond to this type of messages when they are displayed.

  • Sending messages to individual vehicles or a group of vehicles
  • Overview of all incoming and outgoing messages
  • Quick and safe communication with all mobile units
  • Read receipt after transmission

Driver’s View in the Vehicle

All messages are displayed visually and indicated acoustically. The driver can respond using autoreply or send individual messages. Each message can include up to 2000 characters. Preconfigured reply messages can also be used to allow recurring procedures to be dealt with quickly and easily.

  • High system performance
  • High data and failure safety